Research is an important part of our philosophy as we believe that  surgical and non-surgical treatment options that have shown to be ultimately successful should be offered to our patients routinely. We also are very active and at the forefront of using new and emerging technologies to help our patients and we make these technologies available by means of controlled research studies.

Dr. Lattermann and his team dedicate over 50% of their time to make sure that the offered treatment approaches are based upon scientific evidence. Dr. Lattermann is a nationally and internationally reknown Orthopaedic specialist in the field of Sports Medicine. He is joined by an able team of colleagues  who perform patient oriented research studies that are nationally funded by various organizations such as the American Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Society (AOSSM), American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the National Institute of Health(NIH) and the NFL charities.

We make this research work available to you for your information and utilize the findings to continuously improve our patient care and education. 

To get a full list of Dr. Lattermann's research,  log in to the NIH Pubmed website at: c


Below you will find some of our research papers: