An evaluation at the new multidisciplinary UK Runners Clinic can result in an enhancement of speed and efficiency and prevent or treat many of the injuries commonly associated with running.
Our team of professionals has been assembled to provide expert examination and treatment whether you are a highly competitive and experienced runner or just starting out. A dedicated team of physicians,
scientists and physical therapists are involved in the initial evaluation and management of every patient and a wide variety of services are offered.

Services offered
- Comprehensive physician evaluation to determine
how oneís injury may be influencing their
- A physical therapy evaluation, recommendations
and a treatment plan for strengthening and/or
increasing muscle flexibility.
- Video gait analysis using a 3D motion capture
system and a treadmill with built in force plates
to assess your running form with computerized
modeling can be performed. The results are
reviewed and discussed among all team members
to come up with the best possible treatment
options. If further treatment is needed, follow-up
appointments will be scheduled as appropriate.
Please note there is a fee not covered by insurance
for this analysis.
- Recommendations and orthotic needs assessment
and evaluation of orthotic and shoe interaction in
biomechanical function
- Detailed review of running history and injury
- Comprehensive one-hour evaluation
- Musculoskeletal exam including strength and
- Assessment of back, hips, knees, ankles and feet
- Customized program for injury treatment and
- Therapeutic exercises to address impairments

Approximately 50% of all recreational runners will sustain a running injury within a training year. Our goal is to provide management of these injuries and to facilitate healthy running. Here are some
commonly treated injuries:
- IT band syndrome
- Achilles tendinitis
- Plantar fasciitis
- Patellofemoral pain syndrome
- Stress fractures
- Shin splints
- Muscle strains
- Hip pain
- Training program modifications

Please contact your insurance company prior to making your appointment to verify your coverage and referral requirements regarding the orthopaedic evaluation and physical therapy benefits. If you are planning
this visit for a computerized running/gait assessment alone, please be aware that this will incur a charge that will not be covered by your insurance carrier. The UK Healthcare Runnerís Clinic is held monthly at
the Kentucky Clinic Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Clinic located on the first floor. Forquestions or to make an appointment in the Runners
Clinic please call 859-218-3113.

Our Team:

All members of our team are dedicated long distance runners and have a personal interest in runners.

Christian Lattermann, MD (Orthopaedic Surgery)

Scott Black, MD (Primary Care Sports Medicine)

Kelly Eversole, DPT (Physical Therapist, Manual Therapy, Pilates)

Brian Noehren, PhD (Physcial Therapist, Gait Analysis)